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Battle of Endor: Day 28 By Leo Sanguh

Journey through a sci-fi war zone

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Photographer and graphic designer Leo Sanguh is bridging the world of real life photography and In game photography using PhotoMode to create his passion project vpr.

Check out bellow his journey through the forrest moon of Endor, from the perspective of a fictional freelance war photographer separate from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 canon


Battle of Endor: Day 28

I landed in the forests of Endor on the 28th day after the Rebel Alliance launched the attack on the moon. They were supposed to capture a hidden shield generator, but the operation escalated into a huge battle.
I was embedded with the Rebels. They had a very solid operation going on. A recon captain was showing me around, but I didn’t even get to start my tour. Everyone started scuffling around and I could hear a lot of shouting.

The Imperial forces had launched an attack not far from us.

We rushed to the area on a stolen Speeder Bike and it didn’t take long for us to receive fire. It was a huge ambush, the Imperial forces had the Rebels surrounded by troops, bikes and walkers, but the Rebels knew how to use the trees and covers for their advantage.

An AT-ST exploded a few meters from me.

The real problem was a huge AT-AT that was crushing everything in front of it. Rebel troops were concentrating all their fire on the massive walker.

The fight started to get quite intense and huge blast took down some guys in front of me and I haven’t seen that recon captain for while already.

It didn’t take very long for me to be surrounded by Imperial troops. I had no idea what would happen next, probably get my head blown off by some hot laser. But the stormtroopers weren’t really interested on me, maybe they realised I was an embedded photographer and decided to ignore me.

Not that I had many choices, but a nice stormtrooper told me to go back to their base and I could get a transport back. I was in the middle of a massive battle in a very isolated moon, after all.

The Imperial attack was a success. The Rebel forces were pushed back, they took so many losses that day. I couldn’t even contact any of my sources. My trip to Endor was cut short and I’ve witnessed one the pivotal battles in the whole campaign. A fine day.

Star Wars Battlefront is an online multiplayer shooter. You play as a soldier from either the Rebels or the Empire.

However, I decided I would not fire a single shot and “transform” my weapon into a “camera”. I started documenting the fight as a freelance war photographer, a non-existent role in the game, and created a small narrative through how the action unfolded during that day.

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