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Photo Mode Reviews – Coming Soon!

Help us lock in the criteria for our Photo Mode reviews

Chloe reviewing documentChloe reviewing document

There are a lot of websites out there doing game reviews, and a lot of sites doing camera reviews, but there are NO sites doing Photo Mode Reviews!

What is Photo Mode? Check out our article on in game photography and our Journey through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Arcade Geographic will start doing in-game Photo Mode reviews for games released on current gen consoles and recent PC games.

But we need your help!

We need a criteria that we can apply to all Photo Modes that come out. I have scoured camera reviews and camera app reviews for relevant metrics to review against and have added a few of my own. The aim is to have a comprehensive review of the Photo Mode and its features, and an overall rating for the Photo Mode so that people can compare them quickly.

Having a criteria helps even out biases towards a game, and helps come out with a closer comparison even when different people are doing the reviews.

The review will NOT take into account whether the game is good or not – you can get those reviews elsewhere.

Let me know what else we can add, or anything that maybe we should re-think:

Editing features – Weighting towards overall Star Rating – 20%

  1. Filters
  2. Vignette
  3. Intensity
  4. Borders and Logos
  5. Colour Balance
  6. Colour Correction

Flexibility – Weighting towards overall Star Rating – 20%

  1. Camera Distance and Correction
  2. Zoom
  3. Over exposure
  4. Ease of use
  5. User interface
  6. Dynamic Range

Camera features – Weighting towards overall Star Rating – 30%

  1. Image quality
  2. ISO
  3. f/stop range / Aperture
  4. Camera roll and Tilt
  5. Change lens (i.e. fish eye, zoom, etc)
  6. Focus (including accuracy)
  7. Realism

Special features – Weighting towards overall Star Rating – 30%

  1. Hide player/s,  Enemies and NPCs
  2. Change face expression and pose
  3. Adjust the time of day
  4. Move forward / backward frame by frame
  5. Take 360 degree
  6. Create a time lapse
  7. Create a panorama
  8. Take a video
  9. Change environment (add / remove things like smoke, mist, dust, lens flare, haze, blur, etc.)

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