6 Things You Need To Know in Game Photography

6 Things you need to know in Video Game Photography this week

Game Photo Horizon Zero Dawn™ building shot

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1.  Its Horizon Zero Dawn’s first birthday!

Hip Hip Hooray!

I love this game. It’s Photo Mode is one of the reasons that this site was created!

Horizon Zero Dawn has sold 7.6 million (!!) copies since launch, and has been acclaimed as one of the best PS4 exclusive games released.

Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla, spoke to PlayStation about the success of Horizon Zero Dawn;

We had huge ambition for Horizon Zero Dawn and as we approached the launch we knew people were excited, but to see sales of this volume is truly mind blowing.

Since launch, millions of players have joined Aloy on a quest to discover the secrets of the old ones. We hope they enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn as much as we enjoyed making it

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary, Guerrilla has released a FREE avatar bundle and PS4 theme, including Photo Mode shots from fans!

Thanks Guerrilla for the game and the loot!

Here is a video also released with the 1st birthday for your viewing pleasure.

2. The worlds first photography exhibition recreated in Virtual Reality

Have you ever imagined being able to go 150 years back in time and experience the first ever photo exhibition?! Me either! But, now you mention it, I would if I could. And now we can.

At Bradford’s Natural Science and Media Museum  you can travel back in time via Virtual Reality and check out the first ever photography exhibition. Artist Mat Collishaw created the experience and said that it is intended to be “a fully immersive portal to the past”.

Mat said “VR’s ability to enable visitors to revisit the birth of photography – a medium that has come to saturate our lives – is uncanny and compelling.

“It is also quite appropriate as visual reality is a total 360 degree immersion of the viewer within an image, and is itself one of the many innovations spawned by the invention of photography.”

If we can re-create photography exhibitions in VR, the next step is creating them, and what better medium than Game Photography? Hmmm….

For more information, see the BBC website on it: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-43214206

3.  Final Fantasy XV for Windows to be launched with an Ansel Photo Mode

Ansel, NVIDEA’s screenshot and photo mode program for PCs, is to be included in the release for Final Fantasy XV Windows.

Although the full game isn’t available yet, Ansel is available in the demo version, and already there have been some great photo’s taken.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for PC on the 6th March 2018.

Courtesy of GameSpew

4. We have our first Photo Mode tutorial!

In an Arcade Geographic first, real life photographer and game photography enthusiast @dorkograph has created a tutorial on Intermediate Composition.

Learn about subject separation and highlighting, using lighting to your advantage, symmetry, leading lines and more!

Check it out! Game Photography Tutorial – Intermediate Composition

5. Jettomero: Hero of the Universe includes a surprisingly good Photo Mode

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe was released in September 2017 on PS4, but I have only just found out about it’s photo mode. It’s a game about exploring the universe and trying to be a Hero. The name kind of says it all!

It is an “art game” that uses procedural animation, which allows the game to automatically generate animation in real-time to allow for a more diverse series of actions than could otherwise be created using predefined animations.

The developer, Ghost Time Games, says the games “unique experience will let players unravel a story surrounding the mystery of the titular character Jettomero while trying to defend the remains of humanity from an unknown threat.”

Looks like you can make some pretty kick ass photos from the photo mode! I will be adding this to the Photo Mode List!

Courtesy of Ghost Time Games

6. Dead or Alive Extreme: Venus Vacation adds Photo Mode

A new game with a Photo Mode is now available! The affable, if deceptively named, Dead or Alive Extreme: Venus Vacation is a beach volleyball game featuring characters from Dead or Alive.

In the latest update, you can take pictures of the girls playing volleyball when you pause the game.

From what I have seen of this game, it seems its main aim is to allow the player to check out girls (video game characters) bouncing around in bikinis. Interesting! Each to their own in this day and age though, and if that’s your thing then all power to the Hypnotoad!

See a video here with more from the update.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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