Uncharted - The Lost Legacy Photo Mode Review film grain
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Uncharted – The Lost Legacy’s Photo Mode Reviewed

Uncharted - The Lost Legacy Photo Mode Review film grain

First we did the Journey, now we do the review!


Uncharted - The Los Legacy


Editing Features




Camera Features


Special Features



  • Great camera, editing and special features
  • Great set of bonus items
  • Huge selection of camera tweeks
  • Quick button press to get to photo mode


  • Menu System is too big
  • Could be more flexible
  • No Colour Correction Options

In this article, the Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode is reviewed against our criteria. The Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode is surprisingly great and includes the main protagonist, Chloe, taking shots with her mobile phone. Our criteria is mainly based on camera reviews, with a little bit of game reviews sprinkled on top.

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Editing features

User interface & ease of use

Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode UI Review

To get to Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode’s  user interface, click Options on the controller, then switch Photo Mode L + R on. This is a great feature that I regard highly, as it allows you to use a button combination to get to Photo Mode (and sometimes I accidentally find myself pressing this button combo in other games!).

The user interface (UI) is unobtrusive and detailed, but doesn’t show where you are in the menu so I find myself cycling through a million times to get the options I want. Photo Mode consists of a menu panel in the bottom right corner with different instructions on what the buttons do for that particular part of the menu, which I find easy to use and provides a lot of flexibility. The menu consists of sixteen categories, that can be scrolled through, listed below. This adds to some confusion when using the Photo Mode, as it is often hard to get or find what you are looking for, and hard to memorise what everything does. This could have been made a bit more concise, by having some of the items grouped together.

Photo Mode Options

On the other hand, this could have been intentional, so that as you flick through the categories you can adjust them with similar buttons. My opinion is that these could be condensed to 6 – 8 menus.

The menu categories are:

  • Camera
  • Facial Expression
  • Hide Characters
  • Saturation
  • Chromatic Abrasion
  • Motion Blur
  • Sharpness
  • Brightness
  • Film Grain
  • Vignette
  • Logo
  • Frame
  • Filter
  • Sun Angle
  • Depth of Field
  • Field Of View

There are also extra options listed at the bottom of the screen:

  • Hide UI
  • Exit
  • Reset

Another niggle is that you can’t always get the exact % you’re looking for in the menu items, because when the button is pressed it goes too far or not far enough. Maybe there needs to be a fine tune button?

But, all in all, the UI is inconspicuous, gives you the settings you need, and gets the job done.

I should also mention here that going back to a particular part of the game of is really easy. You can go back to a previous save, or just select the chapter or encounter. So if you missed something you wanted to make a picture of, no stress!


Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode has a range of Filters available with the base game, plus you can buy extra filters using in game points from the extra’s menu (which doesn’t cost money, just points!).

The Filter options include:

  1. Black and White
  2. Blorange
  3. Classy
  4. Cool
  5. Inferno
  6. Noir
  7. Sepia
  8. Vibrant
  9. Vintage
  10. Warm
  11. Icy
  12. No Green
  13. Ice Queen
  14. Grurple
  15. Bubblepop
  16. Turtle
  17. Puppet

This is a great selection of filters!

The intensity settings for the filters cannot be modified, but by changing some of the other options in the Photo Mode you can generally get the effect you are looking for.


Vignette is available in the Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode under its own Vignette menu category.  It has options to turn it on or off, and change the size and intensity of the effect. This gives a lot of variation in the way images can be presented.

The intensity setting is a very flexible and handy tool. It allows the picture maker to get a very light effect in a large range, or conversely, a very strong effect on a small region.

No points deducted for this, but an improvement could be to let the picture maker select a part of the screen that the Vignette effect is to be focused on.

Borders and Logos

A variety of borders (called Frames) and logos are available in the Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode. There is a huge selection of Frames available:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Rounded
  4. Old TV
  5. Film Bars
  6. Paper
  7. Paw
  8. Chloe Mobile Phone
  9. Henna
  10. Emblem
  11. Social Frame
  12. Team Sticker
  13. Nadine Toon
  14. Chloe Sticker
  15. Asav Sticker

The logo placement is reasonably flexible, and can be added to any corner around the border.

The huge selection of Frame choices in the Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode is more than enough to frame your picture in the best light. The only small draw back (has been said in other reviews) is that there isn’t a way to change the size of the borders. This can be overcome by moving the camera or changing the field of view, so no points deducted for this!

Colour Balance  and Correction

Not going to lie – there aren’t a lot of options for colour balance.

There is a Saturation, where you can choose the colour saturation of the picture, and there are the Filters I mentioned above. Through these options you can change the colour around and get a reasonably good handle on the colours in your picture.

It would be great to have the options to change the red, green and blue channels, and maybe the white balance, to give a bit more flexibility.


Camera Distance and Correction

There are multiple options, techniques, and toggles in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode to help you manipulate the camera and achieve camera corrections.

With the control sticks you can move along the orbit of Chloe and also offset the camera along the Y axis. This is intuitive and allows the camera to be manoeuvred into the right position.

There is also a Dolly on buttons L1 and R1 to move the camera as if it was on a crane or Dolly. Combine this with the Field of View feature (coming up next in Zoom) and you can get anywhere from about a foot away from Chloe to roughly 50 meters away. Below is an image that is as far away as possible from Chloe.

There aren’t really any options for camera correction, but you can kind of work around it with the Dolly option. As you can see below, there is some perspective distortion on the structure in the background. This can be corrected with the Dolly option to a degree (and I haven’t got it quite right below…). Not ideal, but it can work.

Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180323205630
Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180323205640


Zoom can kind of be accomplished in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode by changing the Field of View.

The camera is so anchored to Chloe though that it makes it difficult to zoom in on anything!

See below zoomed out shot (field of view at min) and then zoomed in shot (field of view at max).

Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180323210129
Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180323210240

The Field of View option works well as a zoom function, even if it is difficult to get Chloe out of the way! Another impressive aspect of Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode, that we have seen in other games, is changing textures. As the image is zoomed in the game adjusts the definition and the textures in the shot! Delightful!

Over Exposure

There isn’t an over exposure option in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode, but the Brightness option seems to not only increase the brightness, but manage the exposure of the camera.

This Brightness setting can be very useful tool when capturing images in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode. Unlike when adjusting a normal brightness setting, this brightness setting brings things that were in the shadows into light, can change the focus of the picture, and help the filters make more of an impact.

Dynamic Range

The camera in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode has a broad Dynamic Range, so there are rarely parts of the image fully blacked out because of shadow or colour sapped because of too much light. Using the Brightness option seems to be the best way to choose what Dynamic Range to capture.

The game also changes the Dynamic Range as you move around in what looks like a simulation of your eyes adjusting to the light. See below an example of looking through a dark door, then moving through it.

Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180324084643
Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180324084633

Camera features

Image Quality

The Image Quality in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode differs with different versions of the PlayStation. Screen Captures on PS4 are in 1080p resolution, and PS4 pro are in 4K resolution.

The textures look as though they are more detailed when Photo Mode is entered. Also, when you zoom in on your subject the textures update to show more detail.

There is also a Sharpness option, that can also be used to soften the image. I haven’t found a lot of use for this as the effect is quite light, but it is nice having the option.


There isn’t an ISO option in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode. Instead there is a Brightness option.

In Real Life photography you are always battling between getting the best image quality (low ISO), brightness in the image and the right amount of motion blur (which can be set with shutter speed). In Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode, there is no need for those options to compete, as every image will be the same quality.

There is however a Motion Blur setting. This setting allows the player to capture the motion with varying degrees of intensity. It would be awesome if this option also changed the shutter speed so that you could manage the exposure with the option as well, but Motion Blur is a good start!

Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180324084927
Uncharted™_ The Lost Legacy_20180324085007

The brightness option can be used to change the brightness of an image in lieu of ISO.

F/Stop Range and Aperture

The Depth of Field menu category in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode is used instead of f/stop range and Aperture, and can be toggled on and off. The distance of the focus can then be set and the intensity chosen for the Depth of Field.

If the Aperture is at the lowest setting and the focus distance is moved, you will see the focus sweeping across the screen. This gives a good feel for what the focus does, then you can back off the intensity to put more of the image in focus.

What could be awesome is if you could pick a single point on the image as the point of focus, instead of having a focus distance. This would help put the focus on that particular point instead of having a line of focus across the screen.

Camera Roll and Tilt

The Roll option in the Camera category lets you roll the camera around until you have the right perspective (similar to rotating your camera in Real Life). This feature works well enough and allows you to take portrait shots and do a bit of perspective correction.

The tilt function works with the Orbit option, which lets you move the camera at an angle.

A much needed addition would be an option to keep your perspective (i.e. keep the image up and down or not move the Y axis) when rolling the camera. There would be a lot less chance of sustaining a neck injury when tilting your head sideways trying to take a portrait shot!


There isn’t really a focus option in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode. You can do a few things to force objects to come in and out of focus with the Focus Distance option in Depth of Field category.


The game is made to look as real as possible, and the Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode allows you to capture this realism.

Some of the most realistic parts of the game are the fauna and flora.

Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode’s realism

Also, there are probably many instances where the developers have used random generators (for example the trees all look different, the grass always at different lengths and angles) and other realism tricks throughout the game that are seamless to the gamer.

Special features

Hide player/s,  Enemies and NPCs

You can hide Chloe, buddies, enemies, civilians or everyone! Very handy, can’t ask for much more here.

Change to facial expressions and poses

Chloe reviewing document
Chloe reviewing document

Expressions, Yes! Poses, No! There are many different facial expressions for Chloe in Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode. The range of expressions Chloe can make is a little limited though, with most of them being expressions from a Zoolander film. It would be nice to see a few more expressions and the addition of poses.

Adjust the time of day

Yes! You can change the sun angle to get the perfect light for your shot. Not only does the sun move east to west, you can change it to move anywhere you want!. This is not moving forward or backward in events unfolding in the game though, so it will never be night, clouds will not move nor rivers flow by adjusting the sun angle.

Extra Filters!

There are some extra options that I class as filters.

These are Film Grain, Motion Blur and Chromatic Abrasion. Film Grain is my favourite here. Mix this with the Vintage filter and you can make some very cool looking pictures!

Render Modes!

What are Render Modes?! They are modes that change the way the game looks! You can buy them from the bonus items with the ‘Unlock Points’ you get from completing the game.

These are crazy, and you can use the Uncharted – The Lost Legacy Photo Mode with all of them! They include:

  • Cel Shaded
  • ASCII Mosaic
  • Thief Vision
  • Negative Land
  • Afterlife
  • Chalk Dust
  • Tri-Colour
  • Rainbow Fun Land
  • 8-Bit

These can give your pictures an extra edge! Looking at the map in 8-Bit mode takes me back to my Monkey Island days.

Different Outfits!

Also available in the Bonus Item selection are outfits for the main characters. A few of the choices are Pirate, Rural and Western.

Special Features that are not available (or scored)

Move forward / backward frame by frame

Adjusting the time of day is a step in the right direction, but there have been times when it would have been great to step forward or backwards frame by frame (i.e. when fighting / shooting).

Take 360 degree, time lapse and / or Panorama

Unfortunately none of these are available. 360 photos would be super cool, and could be a bridge between  virtual reality and real life.

As for taking a Panorama, Field of View gives you a lot of flexibility in getting the widest view possible, but it isn’t a panorama.

Also, it would be super cool to create a time laps of the stars.

Take a video

Unfortunately not really available. You can make a video with normal PS4 video capture, but there is no easy way to turn off the HUD or to adjust the video settings.

Change environment (add / remove things like smoke, mist, dust, lens flare, haze, blur, etc.)

There are lens flares, mist, dust, haze, all sorts of environmental effects going on in Uncharted -The Lost Legacy, but there is no way to change this other than waiting for the right moment. Would it be cheating a little bit if this was an option? Maybe.


Uncharted -The Lost Legacy has a great Photo Mode, that packs in a lot of features for you to make the pictures you want.  It is good for beginners and experts alike, and the developers keep on supporting the game photography community by adding extra Photo Mode filters, render modes and skins to the bonus library.

If you are into game photography, Uncharted -The Lost Legacy is definitely a game that should be on your play list!

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