About Us

Arcade Geographic is devoted to photography in gaming, and aims to provoke a passion for game photography in everyone who visits, while also providing a hub for game photographers around the world.

Game Photography Community

We have recognised that there is a passionate, talented and engaged group of game photographers out there, taking photos and sharing them with the world. But, there is no dedicated home for those groups to come together. Nowhere providing the support needed to further develop their skills and to inspire others to join the community.

Arcade Geographic aims to not only be the number one place for gaming photography news, but also to build a community collaboration space, provide expert advice and define a new way of telling personal stories through game photography.

Champion for Game Photography

Picture of the master sword

We endeavor to be a champion for game photography, and to actively support game photographers rights to take and use their photos.  We would like to be part of defining a new career path for game photographers.

Arcade Geographic will aim to answer all the questions about usage rights, licences and ownership of the art produced by game photographers. This is an important step towards game art and photography becoming a career aspiration for enthusiastic and talented people.

Start Small and Grow

Game photo of sapling from Horizon Zero Dawn™

Arcade Geographic is just a small sapling at the moment, slowly building towards our aspirations, goals and potential. The Game Photography Industry is in a similar state, and has proven itself ready to move into mainstream media and art.

With more and more games featuring a photo mode, and with hardware developers like Nvidea building the software package ‘Ansel’ specifically for game photography, the stage is set for gaming photography to get bigger.

We need more people to join the gaming photography and Arcade Geographic community and contribute towards the knowledge base we are creating. Get in touch via the Contact Us form to get involved in writing articles, providing curation for competitions, or just generally wanting to be part of the game photography and Arcade Geographic story.

About My Game Photography Journey

I first started being interested in game photography when I was 14 when I bought, by accident, Pokemon Snap. I thought it was a normal Pokemon game. Wrong. It was a game about taking photos of Pokemon. Hours were spent trying to get high scoring photos. And I still can’t figure out why a photo was scored high or not though.

Recently I dug up the old N64 and Pokemon Snap game to see how good my 14 year old self was at taking game photos. Full disclosure, the game was in the house I grew up in, so my mum dug it up… I was surprised to see that the photos survived on the old cartridge for all those years.

Pokemon Snap Starting Screen
Pikachu on a Surf Board in Pokemon Snap
Squirtle on a rock in Pokemon Snap
Bulbasaur from Pokemon Snap
Kangaskhan and baby stomping around in Pokemon Snap
Dugtrio and Pikachu in a factory in Pokemon Snap
Jigglypuff Karaoke in Pokemon Snap
Haunter in a cave in Pokemon Snap
Meowth chasing a Pidgey from Pokemon Snap
Butterfree from Pokemon Snap
Pikachu on a beach from Pokemon Snap
Rapidash on a volcano in Pokemon Snap

Since then the only screenshots I can find are of my time playing Counter Strike. Usually these are  leaderboard shots with me on top, or my name in the top corner of the screen.  Looking through the screenies of what I was saying then… I was a bit of a jerk! I won’t post those jerk screenies on here because children might see it. Think of the children!

I will, however, post some of the non-jerk screenies of stuff I thought appropriate to take photos of. I’m sure everyone that played has these kinds of shots as well.

Counter Strike

de_aztec0001 - Copy - small
de_dust0014 - Copy - small
de_dust20002 - Copy - small
de_cbble0000 - Copy - small

Games have come a long way since the humble screenie, and the biggest leap forward is games coming with a dedicated photo mode. I left off my game photography / screenie taking for a long time after my Counter Strike days. This started again once I found the ‘Share’ button on my PS4. I started taking photos of vistas, iconic scenes and game characters but didn’t really think anything much of it. They were just some cool pics that I will look back on some time in the future.

But then I went to PAX Melbourne 2017.

I am a long time attendee of PAX in Melbourne, and this year something amazing was there. An art gallery for Game Photography. I have dedicated a post to that photo gallery  to show my respect for the people that put it together, and acknowledge it piquing my interest in game photography again.

That photo gallery presented in-game photography in a way that shone a new light on my gaming hobby. It had amazing, award winning in-game photos from Horizon Zero Dawn, and at the time I was obsessed with that game. This may have added extra power to my feelings towards the photos, but since then I have been hooked.