Submit a Photo Mode Review!

Top of the tower three doors shot in the journey of Uncharted: The Lost LegacyTop of the tower three doors shot in the journey of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

We would love to have more Photo Mode reviews up on our site, so are giving people in the community the chance to submit a photo mode review which could make it up as an official Arcade Geographic Review!

Check out our Photo Mode List for games that already have a Photo Mode Review or has a Photo Mode Review in progress, and feel free to submit a review for these via the below form or the comments section of the review page. Check out our review of Horizon Zero Dawn for some inspiration.

If there isn’t a Photo Mode Review for the game you are submitting there is a good chance we will put your review up as an official Arcade Geographic review!

If your Photo Mode review doesn’t make it as an official Arcade Geographic Review then fear not! We will have a community reviews section added for games with more than one Photo Mode Review. Your review will be added to these.

How to Submit a Photo Mode Review

  1. Write your review in the boxes provided below. It might be easiest to write the review in a word processing program first (like Microsoft Word) and then copy and paste the info across to the form below. This will prevent the page timing out and loosing all your work!
  2. Name all your images that will accompany the review and add them into each field with brackets around them. i.e. (IMAGE_1).  This is so we can tell where each image is meant for.
  3. Put the photos that accompany your review into a location that we can access (i.e. DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) and add the URL to the form. If you want to only share the photo location with us then let us know in the URL field.  We will then provide an email address after you submit the review for you to use when sharing.
  4. Submit your Review! We will get in touch with you with any questions we have and let you know when we will publish it to our site!